Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Video games, the root to all evil

Take it seriously, take it very seriously!


Friday, May 02, 2008


Where might I have seen this before....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Almouftinoun, the movie

In all fairness, a video reaction. Judge for yourself.

I honestly don't know what to think about the above video, so I can't even comment on it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fitna the movie

I just watched Fitna the movie (by Geert Wilders) and I'm left with a funny feeling.

I feel... almost empty. I don't know what to think...

From the very beginning, I've been against this movie. I did not find it necessary to provoke.
I've been sceptical aswell, considered it a mediastunt.

But now I've watched it... And although I don't like racism or the attempt at taking away people's freedom of religion, I still feel grateful for this movie, despite how unpleasant it was to watch.

I refuse to generalize and lump all muslims together, I refuse to see Islam as a hateful religion, because I KNOW that Fitna is exclusively showing the dark sides. And every religion or belief has dark sides - christianity too.

Having said all that, I do hope everyone watches this movie. Everyone, muslims too.

I know how it hurts to be shown all of the most frightening and dark sides of your belief and obviously it must hurt evenmore when somebody is trying to set a stop to your belief altogether.
None the less... if one, as a muslim, can't see the constructive part of the movie also, and for that reason damnes Wilders and all from the west, well then that person is part of what the movie is about.

Light has to be shed on the ugly sides aswell, they don't go away because they are made silent. More the opposite.

It is time that everyone, muslims and non muslims, wake up and stops the gruesome things that are going on in God's name (or Allah's name). We're in the year 2008, the Middle Ages are long over.

I really hope there will be muslims outthere, that, like me, can see that this movie isn't simply an insult. I hope there will be rational people outhere that can see beyond Wilders' wish to stop the "Islamination" and instead stop the fanaticism, the Middle Ages methods and instead of that emphasize and share the compassion that Islam also consists of.

A believer (in God aswell as Allah) has to first and foremost show him or herself as such through love and compassion, NOT through hate, torment and murder...

Here's a link to the movie, it may load slow due to heavy load:

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This nice looking lady is Chantal Sebire from France. In 2002 she was diagnosed with a tumor in her sinus. A very rare one, that only 200 people have been diagnosed with in the past 20 years.
The result of this tumor, in it's tricky location, was this:

Since the tumor can't be removed and it is very aggressive, it would continue to grow and make her face even more deformed.
Chantal couldn't live with the pain and a face that made her look like a monster. So she wrote a plea to the president of France, asking to be helped to die.

But in France, euthanasia isn't legal, so her request was denied.

Only two days after the government denied to help her, she was found dead. The cause is still unknown.

Rest in peace Chantal.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vista hurdles

When I bought a new PC -a great one in my opinion 4gig of ram, 3ghz core duo 2 and an NVidia Geforce 8800 GTX card - it only seemed natural to get VISTA with it.
Afterall VISTA had been out for a while, most bugs were squashed and I'd be getting vista sooner or later anyway, so why go through reinstalling twice.

So vista 32bit was installed, and it is true. It is a WAUW experience. It's absolutely gorgeous.
Of course there were tweaks to be done to get most out of it...

But on to the not-so-good stuff.
The first annoyance to be found was that it was only recognizing 3 out of the 4gigs of RAM installed.
I put my husband and his friend - they're both IT proffessionals - on a mission to solve this mystery. They couldn't. One of them even insisted the motherboard was faulty...

After alot of reading and testing I found out that apparently the system reserves one gig for hardware whenever you have more than 2gig.
So... I physically have 4gig, but only have 3available, ok well, no biggie.
This by the way can be turned off, but is not reccomended, so... no.

The next major concern came when I was checking out the task manager, 11mb free ram?! WHAT?!!

No way...! I was always running alot more programs on XP without problems than I am now on vista WITH memory problems.

We found the source. A program called Superfetch. Disabling that stopped the memory from appearing to leak...
Problem solved.

Or so I thought.

I've been getting memory errors particularly from heavy graphic games and programs, that's just not right with 3gig of memory. I was pissed.
My pagefile is big enough, so it can't be that.
Put my husband on a mission to solving this mystery too, I was certain there had to be a leak somewhere still. Using between 16-25% of the physical memory before me even starting anything big was just not OK in my mind...

I still can't get it to go lower than 18% before opening things, but I have been doing research on vista and pagefiling and I found out what superfetch is.
It's an all new memory management feature, never seen in Windows before.
It is SUPPOSED to hog all the memory.
What it does is it fills up the cache and over time remembers how you use your PC, which programs you run and when. It'll even remember if you have preferences on what programs you use on certain weekdays, but anyway...
It is not a BAD thing when superfetch is running to only have 10mb free, because the memory that it caches is in theory still available for use, it will just drop some of the cached things when you open up something new.

In the beginning this process will be slow, but overtime as it learns how you use the computer, it will be faster because the PC will have already preloaded the programs it assumes you will use.
How clever is that?

Admittedly it is not very clever of Microsoft to not point this out specifically. Alot of people have been disabling superfetch thinking it was the cause of a memory leak...
But the idea is good though.
I have turned it back on, and will leave it running for a few weeks to see if my memory errors will be cleared up now.

I pray it will, or I'll just have to hope they get done fixing up 64bit soon so I can get that instead, aswell as some more RAM.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Freedom of speech is not for everyone

We people from the west, in particular Europe and USA, are very fond of our right to freedom of speech. And we don't hesitate to use this excuse when accused of being racist...

But freedom of speech is not for everyone and it's definitely not for all topics, either.

Marion Cotillard received an oscar about a week ago for her role in La vie en Rose.
A year ago, before she was known in Hollywood, Cotillard said in an interview that she thought 9/11 was a conspiracy. She said that she thought World Trade Center was taken down because it would be cheaper to just do that, than to renovate it and bring it up to date.
She refers to a tower in Spain that was burning for 24 hours without collapsing, and other towers hit by planes that never collapsed, and yet the twin towers collapsed; in her words: "within minutes"

She regrets saying this now. Back then nothing much was thought of it, but now that's she's more known, it has stirred a commotion in USA.

Why does she not have the right to freedom of speech?
I have to say I find it rather childish for people to react this way a year after it's been said. We're in 2008 folks, 9/11 was in 2001, and she said it a year ago!!

If this stirs a commotion, I'm sorry, but then I really think some people need to get a hobby.
We all know that she is not the only one with this opinion. The conspiracy theories are many, and people have a RIGHT to believe in what they want...

I'm not trying to diminish the tragedy of 9/11, yes it was terrible and no it won't be forgotten, and Cotillard didn't try to diminish it either.
What I am saying is, find something else to spend your energy on, than on what someone SAYS.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Brown nosing - a definition

Here's a clear definition of what brown nosing means:

For those that still don't understand...

The picture shows two men. One is, according to polls, the most unpopular president in the history of presidents of United States of America.

The other is the prime minister of Denmark.
According to him, Bush and he are good pals!

Now let me be more clear on the brown nosing part, and let me remind you... The guy on the right is according to polls the most unpopular president in the history of presidents of Unites States...!
The prime minister of Denmark, Fogh, has openly admitted that he not only supports Bush, he praises him!

He praises him for his battle for freedom and democracy all over the world.


Do I need to say anymore?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dear Muslims

Dear Muslims,

When you, for whatever reasons, leave your home to come live temporarily or permanently in another country, please do bring your own traditions and values.
Most people are - or at least were - open minded in the west and willing to try things or do things in a different way.
But, Dear Muslims, please do not come and mock our traditions and beliefs and do not try to force your views or ethics on us.
We have our ways and welcome yours as long as it doesn't interfer with our own.

In most schools, at least in Denmark, hats and other headgear is prohibited and has been that way since before the whole veil-debate. The reason for this is that the teacher can't see their students faces and thus can't tell if they are following or not.
Despite this, muslim girls have been allowed their veils in most school, out of respect for their religion and beliefs.

Gym class is mandatory in school for all kids that doesn't have a medical condition that makes them unable to participate.
Showering afterwards is also mandatory - so kids won't have to smell each others sweat all day! Again, only if a medical condition that would make it hard to shower with the others is present, they will be allowed to skip this.
Last time I checked, Islam was not an illness.
Again, despite these traditions muslim girls have been allowed to skip showering, they have in many places even been allowed to skip gym class altogether.

I can keep on coming up with examples of the flexibility and the respect shown towards muslims and their beliefs, but I hardly think I need to now?

Dear muslims, is it too much to ask that you learn our language, so we can communicate, and that you please respect OUR traditions and beliefs?

For some it seems to be, as they have sunk to a childish level.
The recent move: complaining over piggy banks.
Seriously... this is probably one of the most innocent things in the world!
Why was it necessary to keep complaining over these piggy banks being given out, untill the point that Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK gave up and took them out of their banks and stopped giving them as freebies to children?

Piggy banks may be a little thing - but if you complain to the point thas this little innocent thing be taken away, what won't you complain over?
So what if the pig is unclean to you, nobody asked you to touch it.
(In fact - that is another example of things that has been broadly been taken into consideration. That muslims can't touch or eat meat from pigs!)

Islam is a religion of tolerance, respect and love according to some... Well then, start with respect of those that don't agree with you.

Thank you for reading.

Picture: www.made-in-china.com

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Brainwashing of children, how disgusting does it get!

The german government did it over half a century ago, and they got alot wiser...

But apparently the Palestinian government hasn't learnt one bit from their own violent history...

Interesting how I feel I'm slowly growing angry towards a certain religion and it's people, when I've always been one to defend it....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The kiddiecam of the big bad internet

I've just about had it!

In the "fight against terror" EU has required surveillance of people's use of the internet.
Or put somewhat more specifically; they "only" require that information be stored about what PC has been used - for what, well, you'd have to write and ask EU about that....

Denmark has, as usual, gone their own ways and taken it a step further.
Denmark records what computer goes to what website, how long they stay there and how much information is downloaded/uploaded.

I feel offended. For me and for every other responsible adult outthere.
It is a matter of principle. What I do online is my own damn business.
I use the internet in my own private home, I'm not at an office or in school or kindergarten where I need to be watched all the time.

They made this surveillance to be able to spot potential terrorists doing whatever terrorists do online, but it's clear to anyone that their mission was stillborn.
Terrorists are usually not complete idiots, they will find a way around this system if they want.

So who are left to be targeted? The majority of the internet-users. Non-terrorists.

So basically it feels like big brother is watching you! We'll just watch you because you are morally detached. We'll just sit here and wiggle our political finger at you and keep you on a leash!

Who's winning this war on terrorism?
The terrorist are!!... The only ones paying are the innocent people.

They haven't caught a single terrorist yet with this surveillance and I honestly doubt they will...

I may not be doing illegal things online, but I get tempted to do so; as in finding a workaround their surveillance, just to fight for my rights of privacy!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Setting an example


They cought two of the people behind the recent solarium fires. One is 13, the other 15. The 13year old has been given to the social authorities and... *drumroll* the 15 year old will be indicted for fatal arson, despite the fact that no one died, a few came close!

Hopefully this will send a strong signal to the other fire-starting (b)rats, that this will not be tolerated.

I couldn't care less about the 15year old possibly going to prison for most of his young life, he had it coming!

Go judge, go!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blown out of proportion

Blown out of proportion...

It is no longer enough to set buildings, containers and cars on fire. Now places have to be blown up too...

Like it happened to this solarium:
Two plumbers only just barely saved their lives. They had been standing near their car outside of the solarium building, and has JUST went down into a basement shaft when they heard a loud bang and ran up to see what happened, and found the building blasted.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Anton Otto Fischer, 1943
American 2nd WW campain.

The poster speaks for itself.
All I have to say is, this is as important today,
as it was then.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Send them on a work-camp!

I am SO infuriated! Please see my previous post for a throughough explanation.

Why do we have to put up with these braindead young people? I've expressed a want to have them kicked out of the country or locked up for a long time. They're terrorists. They're scaring people and ruining people's property. How is it fair that hard-working struggling people must have their possessions destroyed and their hard earned money go to buying a new home, new furniture, a new car....

And what about the memories? Can't buy new memories.

I haven't heard of any deaths as of yet, but I think it's simply a matter of time before some innocent person dies because these hateful people...

To the point:
Kicking them out of the country would certainly make a statement aswell as get rid of part of the problem.
Would you take a person into your home, that destroyed your belongings and endangered your family? I think not.
So why should Denmark take people in that endanger it's citizens? I don't see a logical explanation to it...

Locking them up would simply cost the government and it's taxpaying citizens more money, we've already lost enough in damage! So offering the pathetic lowlives a roof and free food, no thank you.

I have a much better suggestion!


One may get associations to 2nd World War. But it's different, these people would not be going to the camps because of their ethnic origin and they would also not be going there to work themselves to death.

They would quite simply be going there to pay off their debt to society. Destroyed worth a million? Then you go to a work-camp till you have paid your debt off.

It would be a prison, but it would be a factory too. Of course their health and welfare would be taken care of, but they would be paying for their own damned stay and paying back the stuff they have destroyed.

So that way Denmark wouldn't have to kick them out of the country OR pay for a costly prison stay.

Utopia, I guess.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Denmark in flames

A burning school. Photo borrowed from www.eb.dk - taken by Kristian Linnemann.

For 6 nights fires have been started around the country. Last night private residences, cars and schools were burnt. Firefighters rushing from one place to the other, police cars patrolling the area near school.

Some people have been arrested.

The major problem about it all is that the firestarters are children; aged 15-17.
They're angry immigrants and children of immigrants, violently protesting an assault against a 65 year old immigrant and his son.

What gives them the right to burn buildings and cars, endangering innocent people - other immigrants among those - I really don't know.
It's pathetic and childish to act out like this because of one cop's outburst.

The punishment for starting fires that doesn't end up with death is rather mild - why can't these people be prosecuted like terrorists? That IS what they are.

Randomly starting fires throughout the whole country and inflicting fear and damage worth millions - that is in my opinion terror.
And they need to be punished as such.

There needs to be zero tolerance with this malicious damage and endangering of people's lives and safety.

But the politicians of this country don't see that there is litterally a riot, on the verge of civil war, going on.

I wonder, how many lives must be lost before the military is brought in to stop these kids?

And this post has absolutely nothing to do with them being immigrants - I feel the exact same way about the young men and women that started fires, destroying for millions, because they wanted a house........

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What is this called?

So here's an odd question...

What is this name of this?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free music? Woo!

As one of the many people who enjoy and appreciate music, I was thrilled when I heard about the possibility of getting FREE music - legally that is.

It was on a news site I read about Qtrax coming out. A program promising free music, only at the echange of putting up with an advertizement here and there.

So it would be like radio, only I could put together my own list of songs? Briliant!
I am not sure if it would be audio advertizement or just graphic ads in the program itself. But eitherway I don't mind.

I immediately went to the site. But they were only offering a download at a specific time of the day, which happened to be 6am my time. So no thanks, rather wait.

I waited.... and finally downloads were open at all times.

So okay, the program is Beta, can't expect a whole lot from a Beta version of something.
But I was more dissapointed than I could have imagined!

I wanted to get started right away, so I signed up. But... Whatever I did a 404 showed up inside the program. (It is sort of like a minuature browser inside the program)
No use.

Snapshot from qtrax.com

I tried again later and the 404 had stopped, but eventhough I found the search feature in the confusing layout - it wasn't working.
The only way I was going to actually be listening to music was if I would listen to the popular songs of the day - apparently some songs that had been appearing around blogs on the internet?!

I might aswell just listen to the radio then...

Well patience is said to be a virtue, so I waited....
And finally my patience paid off! The search function was working, so I looked up Billy Joel and to my amazement it actually came up with a whoooole lot of results and various of albums of his.

But that was it. Eye-candy was all it was.
The songs wouldn't actually play...Clicking a song would bring up a pop-up saying "Download coming soon !!"
And it wasn't just a coinsidence - I didn't actually manage to find a song that would play.

So now I wait... yet again.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A dog's life

1. My life only lasts 10-15 years. Any seperation from you means sorrow, please think about that before you get me.

2. Allow me the time to understand what it is you ask of me.

3. Make me trusting, you are all my life.

4. Don't be mad at me for long at a time, don't lock me away as a punishment...

5. You have your work, your amusements, your friends... I only have you.

6. Talk to me, eventhough I don't understand your words, then I understand when your voice is about me.

7. Do you know that I never forget how people treat me?

8. Before you hit me, remember my jaws can easily crush your hand, but I don't make use of that strength.

9. When you get irritated with me because you are in a hurry, then think about that I might have a bellyache, been lying too long in the sun or maybe I'm tired or sad.

10. Take good care of me when I get old, you too will get old someday.

11. Make sure my fur is always brushed, nice and neat - I can't do it myself.

12. If you follow these dog pleas, you'll get the world's most happy dog.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Golden dust!

Remember this man?

I wrote about him not so long ago ( here )
The man in the picture is Anders Fogh Rasmussen, prime minister of Denmark.
Also in his own words a good friend of George W. Bush, president of the USA.

Good for you Fogh!

Now to the point, before the election in November, Fogh had already been Prime Minister for quite a while. And the results of that were clear to anybody - or so I thought!

Prices had gone up, quality had gone down, welfare had taken a drastic step down, there were more rich people but there were also more poor people.
All I have to say is, 90.000 children living in poverty in a country with just over 6mil people, that claim to be one of the richest countries in the world, THAT is not good enough!

It's been just around 2 months since the dude in the picture was elected to stay Prime Minister, and already people are wondering...

Why are prices on meat going up 50%? Why are prices on milk going up 25%? Prices on stamps 13 cents? (US dollars)
Why do the unemployed get less benefit?
Why do parents not get more child benefit?
And so on and so on...

Danes are paying between 37 and 63% in income tax and 25% in VAT.

Where has all the money gone you ask? In the pockets of the politicians and the rich people. That's where the money has gone.

Have they learnt - the people that voted to stick with the current government?

It's one big price party. Prices on products go up. Soon the salaries will go up to compensate for the prices. And then the prices will go up once again because... well, people can afford it...

Friday, January 04, 2008

I am so sorry

There's a knot in my stomach, a knot of emotions and worries, it's been there since I was a child, sometimes it bothers me alot, sometimes I don't feel it at all.

Now is one of the times where I feel it all the time.
It's cocktail of different emotions, but the two major ingredients are worry and guilt, particularly the latter.

Let me tell you what guilt is, guilt is not forgetting to pay a bill, guilt is not forgetting someones birthday or not going to the wedding of a really good friend. It isn't even the feeling you get when you've called someone something nasty and then regret it, but they are still upset.

The true guilt, in it's purest form, is when you have hurt someone so badly that it is going to affect them for the rest of their lives.

I think I may have done just that to my best friend. Shattered his hopes and his dreams. Even his faith.

I pray to the God that he used to pray to. That things will improve for him, and quick.
It's eating me up from the inside, that I have caused so much anger and so much hurt in a person I care so much for.
He says he is still my friend, but as grateful as I am to be allowed to still call myself his friend, I fear that my presence reminds him of those shattered dreams.

I desperately hope that someday he will be able to look back and think that it wasn't so bad that things happened the way they did. That some day he might even say it was a good thing.

Not untill the day I know he is truly happy and with new hopes and dreams that are all coming true for him, not untill that day will I be able to leave the guilt behind.

How do you help someone that's feeling hurt and angry, get better, when you're the cause of all the misery? I really don't know. I try to not let the guilt get in the way of my attempts at helping... Feels like all I have right now is hope and the faith in God.

I look forward to the time where we can both enjoy a good time, together or alone. For my part without the nagging feeling of guilt. Even guilt over being happy...
How can you be happy when you've caused your best friend to be miserable?

I am so sorry...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

T'is the season to be jolly

December... The season to be jolly?

Of course. But let's not forget why we celebrate Christmas. We celebrate the birth of Jesus.

And so in that spirit I'd like to encourage everyone to give special thought to the children.

There are so many children in this world that lives in poverty and not just in third world countries. In the Unites States of America and in Europe too.

What I have to ask is simple:

You can donate to an organization that can put your money to work. For example Red Cross http://www.icrc.org/eng

Or when you go christmas shopping and you come across a person from The Salvation Army, don't just rush on, stop for a minute and donate some money. Anything you can spare... A few dollars.

A simple google search will reveal that there are lots of other organizations that help make the life of children around the world easier.

There are children outthere that won't even get a single christmas present or even some christmas dinner - they might not even get a bowl of rice.

The true joy of christmas lies in giving, not in getting...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Don't rape your bicycle

Because if you do, you can be registered as a sex-offender!
Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Get your dirty hands off that bicycle!!

According to a danish newspaper a 51 year old man from Scotland has been sentenced to 3 years suspended sentence for simulating sex with his bicycle...

Or rather for indecent exposure. He's going to be registered as a sexoffender for the next 3 years.

He was cought with his pants down - litterally - by cleaning personel in his room on Aberley House Hostel in Aye.
After knocking quite a few times and with no answer, they opened the door with their key. To find the Scottish man only wearing a t shirt, holding his bike and rocking his hips.

Obviously since cleaning personel never see naked men, they were very shocked. And the police was called.

I wonder if they had cought him with a woman, would the police have been called? No, most likely not. It's perfectly normal not to want to answer the door when you're in the middle of a sexual activity, whether it be with another person, yourself... or... a bike.
Each to their own.

The man, of course, claims it was a misunderstanding and that he was drunk...

I repeat: Do NOT rape your bicycle, you could be registered as a sexoffender!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is it really worth it?

Last week I made a post about war and the many people that end up on the street due to having served in a war.

Let me sum that up:
One out of 4 war veterans end up living on the street.

11% og all adult American are war veterans - That is ALOT of people!

It isn't just the Vietnam war that's put people on the street, it's also Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, for my point for this post.
Today there was an article in the newspaper, based on a documentary made by CBS.
The article shows that the expected suicide count among war veterans in 2007 will be at least 5000!
In 2005 6256 war veterans killed themselves - thats a 120 people A WEEK!
Research have shown that war veterans have double the risk of taking their own lives than people who never served in a war...


- Between 200,000 and 500,000 of The United States of America's citizens end up living on the street as a result of having been in a war. (Traumas) (It's estimated that between 800,000 and 2million people live on the street at any given time)

- Over 5000 people kill themselves every year after serving in a war. (One would of course assume that alot of these also belong to the group of people mentioned above - but not all!)

- Other than that, it will also devasate the families of the above mentioned.

- It is not only the soldiers and their families that get their lives ruined, it is also that of innocent people living in the war-plagued contries. Many get killed, wounded or traumatized.

- And, a war costs ALOT of money (money that could have been spent on better things, such as the homeless - obviously not those that end up on the street due to war, since there wouldn't be any of those without wars)

Is it really worth it?

Again I want to point out the fact that I am NOT bashing the soldiers. Like I said in the other blogpost: They're very brave and should be admired for their courage!!